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Hello there!

I’m Jenny Pakradooni and this is my food blog. I don’t often use a rolling pin, but I almost always have a cup of coffee in my hand. 

Why is it called “The Table of Contents“?

I am a librarian’s daughter and book-collecting home cook who reads cookbooks like novels, for fun.  I am also an artist and I create still life paintings, sometimes on antique book and cookbook pages.  As a wife and a mother of two grown-up incredible people, I have even felt like a human “table of contents” over the years, as I’m often the first place they go to find what they’re looking for. (“Mom, where’s my…..?”  You know.)

More than anything, I love to cook and share my cooking with other people. I grew up in one of those families where we talked about what we’re going to have for dinner while we’re eating lunch. You know those people.  The fact that you are reading this tells me that you may be one of those people, too. Welcome! We always ate “at the table”, the table being in “the dining room” (or on the patio). There was never a t.v. in sight and we talked to one another. It was not a formal affair and anyone who happened to be in the vicinity was invited to join us, as long as they could put up with our comedy-quoting, inside jokes. 

We live in Pennsylvania where we are fortunate to have four seasons that divide our year and save us from boredom. Lucky to live near Lancaster County, one of the richest agricultural areas in the world, when I was young I didn’t know we lived the farm to table lifestyle before Farm-to-Table was “cool”. My mother would drive my brother and I all around the county, stopping at various farm stands for the best of what each had to offer, lastly stopping for eggs (from “The Egg Lady”) at the farm closest to home.  In summer I listened to debates about which was better, “Silver Queen” or “Silver King”, and which farm stand had the best price for corn, while impatiently waiting the requisite 30 minutes after eating to resume swimming.

Today, I shop in the same way! (Though I don’t make young children sit outside of the pool after eating. That’s annoying for everyone.) My own kids have grown up and flown the coop and I can’t seem to stop shopping and cooking as if the house is still fully occupied, plus their numerous friends who liked to hang around. My hubs and I consciously try to resist the urge to eat dinner in front of the t.v. (or computer), often saying aloud “Let’s sit at the table”. (In “the dining room”.)

Though I still remember which cookbook or magazine all of my favorites are in (a nearly useless skill in the google age), recently I have found that my new magazines pile up, unread, while I collect recipes on the fly from food blogs and Instagram. This year, finally quieting my inner critic which loves to say “Oh, that’s been done before”, I decided to start my own blog since it combines so many of my passions; food, writing, art and photography.  After all,  it hasn’t been done by me. 🙂

I hope you visit often and I’d love to know what you think of the recipes so please, feel free to comment!  xx



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